Sunday, April 3, 2011

Duct Tape - No Hiking Trip Without It. Just One Use.

 Forrest Jones

For blisters, Band-Aids will not stay in place. Some of the better solutions are to use the Duct tape from the Personal First Aid Kit, to tape up the hot spots before they become blisters. From my experience, the places that blisters form are: the back of the heel, the ball of the foot behind the big toe, and the edge of the big toe and the edge of the pinky toe. Duct tape on the skin is good, because it will stay in place as the shoes continue to rub. Put the tape on both the hot-spot on your foot and also the corresponding place on the shoe. There are several products that have some merit in blister prevention too. The other solution to blisters forming, is to change shoes. This sounds pretty simple, yet rarely do people bring a second lightweight pair of shoes on a long hike. Blisters form from the skin rubbing against a projecting portion of the shoes over time. Do not go on a hike in a new pair of shoes that have not been broken in yet. And build up some calluses on your feet before going on the long hikes. As for the body temperature aspect of Extra Clothing, think in layers that you can put on to warm up, or take off to cool down. The extra clothing will help you regulate your body temperature better.

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