Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If it's Light, It's Right! - Titanium Cups by Snow Peak

By:  Keith Brock
April 6, 2011

Let  Your Cup Runnith Over!

One thing I am learning about long-distance hiking - make sure if you put it in your pack it's light!  Both of these are doubled walled.  They do have a single walled but it cools quicker and is better used just to boil water quickly.  It is also less expensive.  For cooking use the 600 single wall cup!

The Snowpeak Titanium Double Wall Cup 450 is a super lightweight, insulated cup that will hold 14 oz of your favorite hot beverage. This tough and rustproof cup features an insulating double wall construction that will keep your beverages warm to the last sip. Corrosion-resistant titanium is super lightweight and has superior strength compared to steel. Backpackers who count every ounce will barely notice it is there. This ultralight cup weighs in at only 4.2 oz.

Double. Wall. Titanium.

June 16, 2010
I purchased this mug after coveting it at a local gear store for a couple weeks. At first I couldn't justify $40+ for a mug, but when they came out with the lid, I couldn't refuse the double-wall titanium any longer.
After one extended trip, the mug functioned perfectly. It really does keep liquid hot for quite a while. I would make coffee (Snow Peak Drip or Starbucks Via) while making breakfast, and then put the lid on. After eating breakfast and breaking camp, the coffee was still plenty hot to drink while putting the mornings first couple miles on. Its durable, but I wouldn't expect it to not dent if dropped onto rocks. It does not fit in my car's cupholder though, so it doesn't work as a general travel mug for me.

Snow Peak's Titanium Double Wall Cup 600 is the perfect mug for the techy outdoor enthusiast. It'll hold 20 oz of piping hot tea, making it big enough to wrap your hands around on super chilly nights. Double wall construction gives your hot or cold beverage superior insulation. Titanium is not only lightweight and exceedingly durable, but has a low heat transfer ratio to prevent burned lips.

Rating for this product: 5

Big and keeps things warm

May 8, 2010
It took me a looooong time of self debate and agonizing to buy this cup. My other choices were the 450 double wall or 600 single wall. Both of which are lighter and much cheaper than this one. With my new 600 double wall in hand right now, I'm so glad to have bought it. The other 2 alternatives are only marginally lighter than this. The double wall 450 would have been too small to be my all-in-one cup to eat and drink out of in the backcountry. As for the 600 single wall version, while it's plenty big, it's simply going to lose too much heat too quickly when it's cold out. I thought about fashioning some sort of cozy for the single wall, but decided that the weight (probably another 1-2 oz which puts it in the neighborhood of the double wall), the money saved (at least another $10-15), and the hassle (need to find some way to go around the handles) are just simply not worth it.

As for performance, beer in the cup tastes like it should, never foams up more as another reviewer indicated; kept my ramen hot for a long time; didn't burn my lips; water tastes good. It arrived with a small ding at the bottom, but I let it be since it doesn't affect function. However, I suggest wrap your bandanna around it in the backpack to protect the cup. It's perfect for me and my other half - he can eat and drink directly out of jetboil, and I use this one.

So in short, if you are deciding among the other versions of this cup, single wall or smaller volume, get this one and you will like it.

Titanium Single Wall Cup - Great for heating liquids fast!

Ultralight 600 ml Mug for Pepsi Can Stove

January 2, 2006
I chose the Snowpeak 600 titanium mug for its compact size and weight (2.8oz.) for my light solo cooking setup. I use the mug with a Pepsi can stove and aluminum windscreen on my solo trips into the backcountry. The mug is used in the pack to carry all my cooking items including stove and windscreen. I am very pleased with it and it works flawlessly. It is also impressively strong for it's weight. I have used the mug for over 60 meals, each starting with boiling 600ml of water. Although the mug handles are in the flame of my setup during part of a stove run, which means a pot holder (bandanna) will be required, the handles cool quickly enough that by the time you have the meal prepared the mug can be used without getting burned by touching it. The Snowpeak 60 ml mug works so well that three family members expressed an interest in receiving a mug/stove combination for Christmas after seeing it perform just once.

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