Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lightning Safety - Sports - Lightning Safety and Outdoor Sports

Lightning Safety - Sports - Lightning Safety and Outdoor Sports:
"Lightning is the most dangerous and frequently encountered weather hazard that physically active people face each year. According to Orville and Huffines research (2001), there are approximately 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the United States each year, resulting in nearly 100 deaths and an additional 500 injuries. While it appears that the number of overall deaths from lightning strikes is decreasing, trends show that the number of injuries continues to rise. And lightning casualties during sports and recreational activities have risen alarmingly."

It's not the sound that hurts you, it's the flash before!
Keith Brock
April 24, 2011

I have been noticing the weather on the Appalachian Trail and reading journals. I never gave much thought to lightening but what you don't know can kill you!

Check out the very interesting article on ",: from the link above.  Please come back and leave your comments below. What do you do out on the trail in a lightning storm if you are caught hiking in one? What about caught sleeping in your tent when the lightening storm arrives? Please share your knowledge and experiences.

I met a man in his 30's who had been hit by lightening. The story he told me about what happened to him when struck by lightning, and his subsequent recovery, made the hairs stand up on MY neck!


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