Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loving the Trail life!

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Everyday I can feel my body growing stronger. After two weeks of walking 8 hours a day change would be inevitable. In 14 days (counting a few zero days and some nearo days) I've hikes 135 miles. I came on the Appalachian trail solo, but it didn't take long to find friends. My trail family is one of the biggest I've seen, 8 in total. 
A day in the life of me. I wake up when the sun rises ( not by choice, it's just 
natural now). The sun is my alarm clock. I pack all my gear into my pack. I like 
the heavy gear on the bottom, lightest on top. When your pack weights 30-35lbs 
packing your bag right is key. Drink tons of water and have a bite to eat. Then 
you walk. : )
I like to hike alone. The trail is beautiful right now. Spring time in the 
mountains. Everything is coming to life again right in front of my eyes. When I 
have a quick change in elevation you can see the change. Trees are budding, 
flowers are blooming and the poison ivy is coming back!
Right now I just passed Franklin, north Carolina. Took a zero day to rest. I 
pushed really hard, hiked almost a 17 mile day just with the motivation of pizza 
hut for dinner. It's amazing what the human body can handle.
The next day in Franklin was all fun and no work. Exploring the towns and the 
people in them is one of my favorite things to do. I'm a people watcher ya no.
My trail family and me went to a steak house for dinner. Giant 32 ounce draft 
beers for $4.99 is every thru hikers dream after getting off the trail.
Back to hiking! Let's hope the saying April showers isn't true this month!

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