Friday, April 15, 2011

Shemaghs, A Survival “Must Have”

By Keith Brock
April 15, 2011

                                     SHEMAGH (Shem-ah) A 100 Uses Is Just The Beginning!

Today, while hiking back on the 2nd half of an 8 mile hike I felt the sun burning down on my neck. I had a small towel rapped around my neck to help catch sweat, which I found was cooler while walking down hill into a breeze if I put it over my head and put my hat on it to protect the neck and all areas under my hat. It worked better than what I was doing, but I started considering the wraps used by those who live in the desert and why they wear them. It started to hit me that this was more from necessity than a form of clothing and that I wanted to purchase one for hiking and backpacking. It would be have a number of uses and would also wick sweat away from my head, yet cool it. A skull cap would be more limited in the heat.

Tonight I came across a site by accident and presto! There it was and better yet - with someone elses observation. So I share with you something to consider. I am planning on getting one and using it here in the Desert while hiking. It gets up to 120 degrees here in the summer, but I have seen it even higher and the dust storms are so bad the city of Palm Springs closes down certain roads because of blowing sand.

If you have thoughts, or experience as well, please share in the comment section. Otherwise, give it a try and explore even more opportunities.

Shemaghs, A Survival “Must Have”!/SurvivalCache


Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Use this for hiking in hot weather in Florida. Works like a charm to keep bugs off your head and chest, as well as keep the sun off your face and neck without having to wear a hat. Seems to absorb the cool breezes and keep your head cool even in direct sunlight. Very pleased with the quality of material (100% cotton). Also pleased with the style (I got OD).

Overall, great product, enjoy the looks and the functionality.

HOW TO WEAR AND TIE A SHEMAGAH  (Shem Ahg, British: She Mag)

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  1. I ordered two different ones, including the one for $4.25 to see the quality. I would like to have several different colors. I also ordered American flag patches to go on my shirt arms. Just click one of the Amazon pics above in the article to go directly to Amazon to check them out. I think these are perfect for a number of outdoor uses in hiking. Let me know your thoughts.

    You can learn how to wear them via Google searches.


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