Friday, April 1, 2011

Silnylon Poncho Thoughts

I'd like thoughts on this idea that just popped into my head after leaving water on silnylon for 4 hours and seeing it not leak.

I have about 4 yards of silnylon and I'd like to make a poncho. I don't want to make a complicated poncho though. My thought was to:

- Put on my pack
- Drape the nylon over my head until it's mid-thigh
- Mark the crown of my head
- Cut out a hole where my head goes
- Sew the outer edges to stop any fraying
- Sew and reinforce the edges of the hole to ensure it doesn't tear, along with some shock cord to keep it near my neck.
- Maybe put some fasteners below where my arms would come out the sides

Am I crazy or will this work? Should I bother with a hood if I wear a fully brimmed hat?

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  1. I like this idea, especially the weight. Evidently this was purchased at WallMart for $1.00 a SQ Yard but it was from a bin, so a unique purchase. Regardless, I like the concept of two in one use. Any thoughts from readers?

    Link to full article is below verbiage in article.


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