Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stranded hikers reach safety with help from Air Force -

"When you go into wilderness, when you go into backcountry, you are saying that you want to accept nature on its own terms,' he said. 'You need to be ready for the conditions you're going to encounter.'"

Gulp! I was just talking to someone at Starbucks this morning who was looking to motorcycle up to Zion to check it out. It is rugged and it is of the West! It is also beautiful from all accounts I have heard. It is definitely a place I want to check out - in a group I think, one day. First, some practice on the PCT in my backyard and then the AT next Spring! For those back east, there is MUCH to discover in the west. such as the Great White Throne, below.

Click the link above photo of "The Subway" at Zion to read the story.


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