Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today I Pushed My Granddaughter Up the Palm Springs Tram Road - A First For My Training.

Old Tram Car at top of Palm Springs, CA Tram Road Near Lower Station.

By Keith Brock (Training for the Appalachian Trail for 2012)
April 14, 2011

Yesterday, I made another first.  With 15lb pack on my back I walked from the foot of the Tram Road up the four miles and over 2,100 feet without stopping.  This doesn't sound like much of a feat until you walk the last 1/2 mile - which is a 21 degree grade.  That might not even sound like much - but at the end of 3.5 miles of climbing, trust me - it is.

Today, my daughter led her prized blue-pit-bull and I pushed her daughter up 1.5 miles, or a little over 750' elevation gain.  It was a lot easier coming back down. I would have attempted to go further but I was glad when my daughter suggested that she had reached her limit for this trip.  Again, I was packing approximately 15lb pack AND pushing my three-year-old granddaughter in her stroller up the mountain road.  I'm sure that was a first for many of the people driving by.  I have to get her broken into the idea of the beautiful outdoors, new flowers to pick from the fields beside the road and new bird songs to hear and birds to see.  She loved it and so did I for the opportunity.

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  1. How many readers have been up this road? It is worth the trip up from 2,643 feet to over 8,000 where the snow is at this time of year. From there there is over 2,000 feet more to the top, and 54 miles of hiking trails. The temperature zone and trees? Same as Alaska. Looking below you see a desert filled with homes and Palm Trees at the base of the mountain.


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