Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Authorities: 3 swept over waterfall presumed dead - Nation Wires -


Posted on Wednesday, 07.20.11

NATIONAL PARK, Calif. -- Young tourists above one of Yosemite National Park's beautiful and perilous waterfalls were trying to pose for a picture. Instead they burned a horrifying image into the memories of everyone who saw.

A man and a woman crossed a metal barricade above the 317-foot Vernal Fall on Tuesday, making their way over slick granite to a rock in the middle of the swift Merced River.

The woman slipped. The man reached for her and fell in. Another man in their group of about 10 tried to help but fell into the water as well. Other hikers, including several children in their group, could only watch as the rushing water swept all three students over the edge."

Be safe out there.  Remember, there are a 1001 ways to die.  Don't show us 1002. Desert Cactus

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